What we do

Addressing challenges triggered by the inherent variability of a software product family is what we do.

From design-time to run-time, we build approaches and tools to capitalize on existing systems to initiate a Software Product Line, to address the evolution of variability and to fit our approaches and tools to users skills.

Thanks to our industrial partners, we put to the test our ideas in heterogeneous industrial environments ranging from Induction Hob Firmwares to Train Control Systems.

Topics: Software Engineering, Software Product Lines, Model Driven Engineering, Search-based Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, Empirical Software Engineering.

Who we are


What is happening now

The model library of the tool was populated thanks to our model pattern identification and extraction process. The process faced the following settings from our industrial partner: models composed of more than 500 elements. Around 1029 different potential fragments composed of more than one class element.